Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burritos, Smokes and Sex

Wow I found out quite the tidbit of info on my soon-to-be-ex tonight. He owes me $476 in child support and is 3 days late. ( I am still waiting on the court date where this will be garnished from his wages). I still have access to his bank account so I wanted to see why he doesn't "have the money". Well, seems that between his expensive eating out habit and his disgusting smoking habit, he has joined a SEX HOOK UP website for $30 something a month. Oh how I wished I hadn't found that charge on his statement. I didn't need to know that he is acting like a sicko sex freak. And his profile-- I cannot even get into what it said without feeling the need to vomit. I am so sickened right now. Not because of his pathetic decision to join this sleaze, but because that's money he spent that should have gone to me and our daughter!!! So burritos, smokes and sex are more important than taking financial responsibility of his family. I am sickened-- this is an all time new low for him.



  2. If he eats restaurant food so often, I doubt he has the body of a Greek god. Don't worry, Lisa, he'll never get any takers on his online "sex-capades." I bet he weighs 500 pounds or something...