Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Time No Talk!

I have been incredibly busy since starting my new job two weeks ago.  I am now working in a local hospital on the medical/surgical floor.  It also has an oncology section.  I am working 3 twelve hour shifts a week, two of which are back to back.  It is a killer as far as working for near 24 hrs straight.  I have had some pretty interesting patients so far.  Nothing too serious yet.  I did have my first oncology patient the last shift I worked.  He was just special.  Cancer patients never cease to amaze me.  He was in for his 3rd out of 6 rounds of chemotherapy and his attitude was amazing.  He was so funny--unlike the other patients, he had set up shop in and outside of his room like a little personal office.  He refused to wear a hospital gown and wore business attire.  When I asked him about it he responded that he wasn't going to let cancer or his surroundings change the routine that he has kept over the past 35 years of working.  So there he was, making phone calls and working on his laptop all the while receiving chemotherapy through an IV that was going in through a port under his skin.  He didn't let it stop him, he didn't feel sorry for himself.  His wife was keeping him company, sitting in the corner in a recliner reading the newspaper when I came in to assess him.  I jokingly made a comment that it was hard to listen to his heart, lungs and abdomen with his thick shirt and suit pants (since most patients are wearing a gown making it easy).  His wife, without looking up from her paper said, "oh honey I'm sure he's be happy to take all his clothes off for a pretty girl like you".  LMAO! What great humor and positive attitudes these two had.  I think I'm gonna love this job.


  1. Hey Lisa, I'm here from the A - Z challenge. This was such a great post, it was really interesting to hear about that patient! What a nice man! It's a lovely thought that he is able to keep his life the same, as much as possible. It must have been an amazing experience to meet him!

    You have a nice blog here, I'm following you :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. Thanks Nikki, following you back:-)