Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talk to Us Tuesday: Let's Talk About Why you Aren't Doing What you REALLY Love

People hate their jobs. I believe the statistic is that approximately 80% of people are dissatisfied with their current career.  Considering we spend 40+ hours a week working, that's lot of unhappy people spending a lot of time at a place they hate!  I hear it all over, things like, "I wish I could work for X company, or "I'm only here for the money".  The other day, I overheard a woman saying to her friend, "my dream is to become a florist--if it weren't for the money I would love to open my own flower shop!"  Upon hearing that I frowned feeling sad for her.  She was a women in her 50s I would guess.  Many years left in her I'm sure--but what was she waiting for? I wondered.  Why are so many people complacent having a not so desirable job?  Money? Comfort?  Friendly associates? The point is we all have a dream in life, but I wonder how many people actually go for it and attain it? How many chase it until their dying day, having never achieved what they longed for? 

Every job I have ever had has been a rung on the ladder to where I really want to be.  I have never been able to see myself in a job for more than a year or two before getting bored and moving up.  I am a constant learner.  If I am not learning, I am B-O-R-E-D.  While some people see comfort in routine, I find it grueling.  I have to have a job where I see/learn something new (almost) every day.  This is why I chose nursing.  I am constantly learning, it never ends.  It keeps me stimulated and challenged.  I love it.

What do you want to be doing with your life?  Ask yourself why aren't you doing it? Is it lack of money? Lack of support from your friends and family? Are you afraid you aren't smart enough, good enough, creative enough?  Ask yourself these questions.  If you aren't doing what you really have a passion for, how can you make it happen?  Life is super short, folks.  Live it by living your dreams!


  1. I WAS a teacher but I don't think I'll ever teach again. Now I have NO CLUE what to do. I love teaching but hate the pay and all the other non-teaching things that we're required to do.

    Who knows, maybe i'll be a nurse! =)

    Thanks for linking up! It's always nice to see new faces!

  2. I am just what I always wanted to be, a wife and a Mom. I did have aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist for handicapped children when I was young but really this is exactly what I was meant to do and I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for linking up with us again this week!