Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watch me duke it out over Same Sex Marriage on BabyCenter!

Uh-oh folks.  The gay marriage debate is heating up everywhere.  Teen child stars and political doofuses from coast to coast are yapping their chops talking all kinds of crazy about gay marriage and how it is "wrong" and (excuse me, I have to bust out LOLing) an "abomination".  Yeah yeah the bible says it, blah blah blah.  The bible also sanctions slavery.  Why are so many people not willing to question what we are "taught"?  How is it that so many people just take what is fed to them and assume it is the only truth?  I find it so baffling that in this day and age people are still trying to push their beliefs onto others. 

In learning about codependency and reading "Codependent No More", by Melodie Beattie, I have learned that we cannot control others, and in trying to do so, we end up being the ones who are controlled.  I bring this point of view to the gay marriage debate.  Why are people so concerned about how others are living their personal lives? I am quite sure that 99% of these judgemental people have their own issues to tend to. That being said, I do believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I'm entitled to mine. I am not trying to force gay marriage down anyone's throat just as I don't want anyone trying to shove straight marriage down mine.  But not granting loving humans equal rights is an action, not an opinion. 

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  1. "But not granting loving humans equal rights is an action, not an opinion." Well said! We have freedom to choose our own religion not freedom to walk in and say "*I* am my religion and everyone should do it MY way." And gay marriage won't do anything to the "sanctity of marriage," looking at the divorce rate, heterosexual marriage is doing that fine on its own.