Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life is a Purple Water Lilly

The Purple Water Lilly, I read, is the most delicate flower in the world. I read a blog yesterday that really made me realize how delicate and fragile our lives are.   In fact, it touched me so deeply that I became physically ill with empathy and anxiety for this courageous woman and what she is going through.  I am a very compassionate person, and I can actually feel other people's pain.  It is a blessing and a curse.  This blog was a blessing to come across.  It reminded me how fragile life is and how God only gives us what we can handle.  The blog, I will warn you, is very upsetting, especially if you have children.  It is not for those who are squeamish.  It is, however, one of the most beautiful stories of a mother and the love and dedication she has for her ill child. Courtney's writing is beautiful and so is she.  She was given an angel and learned so much from him. 
It is also an important reminder that we cannot take for granted what God has given us.  No matter how bad of a day we had at work, or how much debt we are in, or how our kids really get under our skin sometimes,  we cannot forget how lucky we are.  Somebody always has it worse than us.  Somebody has less people who love and care about them, less money, less luck, less health.  We need to appreciate what we have now and stop obsessing over the "if only I hads..." Enjoy each moment we have with those we love. With our children who will grow up before our eyes.  Enjoy your spouse, or partner, or your best friend.  Listen to their laughter and let it fill your soul.  Look into their eyes and open your ears to their words.  Give them a big hug and let their smells and touches encircle you.  Soak in every minute of every day, because it could be the last.


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