Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for FISHING

My favorite F word, other than when I get really fishing! Ha ha.  My kids and I love to go fishing in the summer and fall, and Illinois has many  ponds, rivers and lakes to choose from!

A funny fishing story (it's funny now but at the time was a catastrophe) is the time my boys and I went fishing at a local lake and my oldest son caught 12 fish, almost all in a row.  It was bizarre!  Every time he cast his pole, within 10 seconds he'd have a bite.  My younger son and I were just laughing and gasping in awe.  My eldest had suddenly become some kind of "fish whisperer"!  They were all Blue Gill of modest size, but never the less, it was impressive for a 10 year-old.  Blue Gill don't have to be thrown back so we kept a couple and decided to bring them home and try to prepare and cook them.  My husband helped with the gross part and I cooked them.  Both sons took a bite or two and decided they didn't like it.  I tried a couple bites, but they were right, it didn't taste great. 

Fast forward a couple hours later as we were all getting ready for bed and my younger son starts saying his tummy hurts.  Within minutes he began puking his brains out all over the floor.  Wondering why he had thrown up I dismissed it after cleaning the mess.  A couple minutes after the incident, my older son looses it all over the floor which is followed my my younger son following suit for a second time.  Not too long after that, I got my turn.  All through the night, the three of us took turns and it was miserable!

Being a nurse, I am pretty sure it couldn't have been the fish seeing as how we each only had a couple bites, so I dismissed the whole ordeal as a stomach flu.  However, my husband and daughter never got sick and they are the only ones who didn't try the fish, so who knows?  All I do know is that neither of my sons or I will ever eat Blue Gill again!!

Here are pics from the exciting day:

Happy F day A to Z peeps!


  1. That sounds like a very nice day, even if it wasn't a wonderful night :) Thank you for sharing it, and the pictures.

  2. Sounded like a great day.... until the barfing started. Life can be like that....

  3. This is a great post. I love going fishing as well. It's wonderful that you and your kids have that special time together. They'll always remember times like those.