Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quiet

Peace and quiet.  It's something I don't get often.  At home it's the three kids and three dogs yelling and barking.  At work it's the constant beeping and buzzing of call lights, IV pumps, bed alarms, phones and pagers.  After a long shift at work I like to get into my car, turn off the radio, and have a peaceful, quiet ride home.  When I get home after the kids are in bed I like to take a hot bath and just listen to the silence.   Quiet is a luxury to me, but then I think of the day that the house won't be buzzing with the sound of my children's laughter and the dogs protectively barking, and I do believe I will miss it! Go figure. 

Happy Q day everyone!


  1. I love quiet and suspect I get much more of it as a single person than you do. Good Q post!

  2. I just read your profile and I was curious what you meant by by semi-single. I've got an idea of what that's like, b/c of my own stuff, but I was just curious.

    A to Zer!

    1. Hi Rena-

      I am in an on again/off again relationship with my husband, unfortunately. We have a lot of "stuff" to work out--to put it simply! (it's not simple)!