Sunday, April 29, 2012

X is for eX husbands

I have two exes.  So pathetic so admit.  I couldn't make not one marriage work but TWO.  Maybe marriage just isn't for me.  I am a strong, independent well-educated woman.  I can be stubborn. I have high expectations.  I guess those attributes don't make for a good wife?  I'm feeling really down right now and I don't want to end up alone, but I don't see myself getting married a third time, that just seems ridiculous. 

Working with cancer patients, the one consistent thing is that many have their spouses devotedly at their bedside.  Sure, the kids visit, but it's the spouse who is there night and day.  Now I think if God forbid one day I am in that situation and I am lying there, dying all alone...depressing thought.  I will pray that God finds someone for me and that I can be happy one day.


  1. I have a cousin that got married 5 times before she found the right man. She's been living happily ever after ever since!
    I'm taking a last minute blog jog to meet some new friends from the A-Z challenge list. Following :)

  2. One Ex, or three, sometimes we have to practice til we get it right. I'll bet there's a great guy in your future.